Fruit Wine

Black Satin Blackberry

This is our BEST SELLER! A pleasant, slightly sweet berry flavored wine.

Mountain Blueberry

A true mountain flavor. This is our sweetest wine.

Red Currants

This wine starts off sweet, finishes tart. It will surprise the palate.

Red Raspberry

This wine has a sweet raspberry flavor, like it was picked straight from the vine.


A distinct strawberry flavor we have all come to love!

Wild Elderberry

This wine is slightly tart & slightly sweet and may just cure what ails you.


This wine has a robust flavor with a hint of tartness.

Golden Peach

Our sweetest white wine, is fresh, crisp, and sure to please the palate.

Moonglow Pear

A distinguished and very light white wine, great for those warm days.

Superior Plum

A full flavored wine with a strong, pleasant character.

Winesap Apple

What can we say…soft & fruity from the tree. A bottle a day may just keep the doctor away.

Strawberry Rhubarb

This wine is a tart & sweet combination all the way through. Just like grandma’s pie!

Spiced Apple

You’ll taste hints of cinnamon & clove in this flavorful apple wine. Great cold or served warm!