Isaiah Morgan Distillery

An Appalachian tradition turns legal.
Small batches of Corn Whiskey, crafted beyond the watchful eyes of ‘revenuers’, is part of the lore of the region. Rodney Facemire brought the business into the daylight when he obtained the license for the nations smallest still in 2002. Isaiah Morgan products were available in state licensed spirits retailers but couldn’t be sold at the site of their creation, disappointing many tourists. Rodney conceived the vision of mini-distilleries, formed a team of government and business leaders and created what can become a new industry for the state.

Today tourists can observe the crafting of the Southern Moon, Rye, and Grappa at the distillery and purchase a souvenir of their personal glimpse of mountain history and culture.

No visit to the area can be considered complete without a visit to this historic site. 100ml and 750ml Bottles of Southern Moon, Rye and Grappa spirits can be purchased on-site!